People’s Climate Strike

DAILY KOS: Never forget the power of the strike

…labor cannot simply rely on protests and petitions. Those are helpful and necessary, for sure. But for labor to truly recapture the full momentum of the public behind its fight for the middle class, labor has to rediscover the strike. Additionally, only when all unions join together behind their brothers and sisters who are striking and strike with them will the fight for the middle class begin to turn the tide against the forces seeking to destroy the American dream.

WAGING NONVIOLENCE: Building people power before the Paris climate summit

As Gandhi once wrote, “Even the most powerful cannot rule without the cooperation of the ruled.” The powers that are responsible for climate change could not continue for a day without the acquiescence of those whose lives and future they are destroying. They are only able to continue their destructive course because others enable or acquiesce in it. It is the activity of people — going to work, paying taxes, buying products, obeying government officials, staying off private property — that continually recreates the power of the powerful. A movement can be powerful without weapons or violence if it withdraws that cooperation from the powers that be. Fear of such withdrawal can motivate those in positions of power to change.

BBC NEWS: Teachers strike over 'climate of fear' at Wellsway school

Teachers at a school near Bristol have gone on strike over what they say are “unacceptable working practices”.

Staff at Wellsway School in Keynsham, who are members of teacher’s union NASUWT, claim they are being undermined by excessive monitoring.

The union’s Wendy Exton said the volume of unannounced classroom inspections and observations at the school has led to a “climate of fear”.