Climate Strike Movement Calendar

People’s Climate Strike Movement Calendar
(to add an action to this Calendar, please email [email protected] & include a link to the event as well as any promotional materials – thank you!)


July 9: International Solidarity with Peru & Mexico against Southern Copper Corporation

July 16: FERC & Beyond Extreme Energy in Washington DC

July 5 – July 21: Apache Occupiers East Coast Tour

July 21 – 22: Apache Occupiers in Washington DC

July 25: Million People’s March Against Police Brutality, Racial Injustice and Economic Inequality

July 26: ADA 25th Anniversary / Marches

Congressional Recess until September 7: District Office Actions / TPP

August 18: ACP West “Hands Across the Land” (gearing up for May 21, 2016 Action)

August 21: CUNY Student Climate Walk (4 days across 24 CUNY campuses)

August 23: Anniversary of Lewis Powell Chamber of Commerce Memo

August 29: 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Gulf South Rising

September 1: Flood the System Launch #FTS

September 7: Labor Day

September 17: #S17 – 4 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

September 18: Day of Resistance to US Military Impact on Environment / Air Force Founding Anniversary

September 22 – 27: Pope’s Visit to US (DC, NYC, Philly)

September 24: Moral Action on Climate in Washington DC

October 14: People’s Climate Movement Day of Action

October 16 – 18: #FoodJustice March to Washington DC – Occupy Monsanto

October 22: 3 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy

Colombia National Farmers’ Strike


November 26 – December 12

* Individual Pledges for Action
* Local Climate Strike Actions
* Coordinated Housing Takeovers: PPEHRC & Anti-Poverty Working Group
* TPP Free Zones: International Outreach & Solidarity / Globalization & Trade Working Group


July 23: People’s Climate Strike Media & Social Media Launch! Report Backs & Next Steps from July 22 Launch – Resource Sharing

August 6: Special Guest Speaker – Nancy Price with the GCC & Alliance for Democracy speaking about TPP as a climate busting trade agreement & creating TPP Free Zones as a climate strike action (International Outreach & Solidarity / Globalization & Trade Working Group)

August 20: Special Guest Speaker – Lee Fogel of Visioning Body skill-share and discussion about the importance of self-care for activists

September 3: Special Guest Speaker – Cheri Honkala of GCC & PPEHRC speaking about the importance of a Climate Strike & ongoing housing takeovers as direct action tactic during strike (Anti-Poverty Working Group)

September 17: Special Guest Speaker – James Jordan of the AFGJ & GCC speaking about the Climate Strike, Latin America and International Solidarity