Organizing Resources

GCC organizing resources are collected in two main sections: “Organizing Resources,” which has everything from guidelines and strategies to posters, flyers, and sample email invitations; and “Partner Organization Resources,” which collects offerings from organizations affiliated with the GCC. The most recently added resources in each section can be found below, under the respective headings. (They can also be found in the sidebar to the right, or as a complete list.) Start by reading the brief introduction to these resources below, and check out the list of the most recent organizing resources from the GCC and partner organizations.

REACH OUT AND ORGANIZE! All organizers should begin by looking over the “Guidelines for Organizing,” which will help you tie events into the wave of Earth Day to May Day actions happening around the globe. The “Key Commitments” section affirms our pledge to act as a nonviolent, nonpartisan movement. From there, move on to the “How to Start Organizing” guide, which contains descriptions and links to a the full range of GCC and partner organization resources.

Organizing Resources

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Partner Organization Resources

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