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The Alliance for Global Justice is taking a diverse Climate Justice Delegation to Peru in order to meet with people involved in a comprehensive range of issues including labor activists, students, climate activists and people fighting resource extraction through mining, combatting militarism and taking a stand against imperialism. Delegation members Roshan Bliss (youth and education activist) and Jill Stein are traveling to Peru to represent the GCC during these meetings with activists. The Delegation will also attend the People’s Climate Summit that will be taking place during the UN Climate Summit in Lima.

Rally Against the DARK ACT for GMO Labeling Rights

Representative Mike Pompeo from Kansas introduced H.R. 4432, also known as the DARK (Denying Americans the Right to Know) ACT in order to stop states from passing laws requiring GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling. Not only would H.R. 4432 prohibit Congress and new states from passing laws – it would nullify GMO labeling laws that have already been passed. It would also allow for the labeling of products containing GMOs as “natural.”