$10 for 10 Days – 10 Reasons We Are Here to Stay!




As Earth Day to May Day actions begin, local organizers across the country are starting to look beyond the mobilization at hand. We are receiving a steady stream of  requests for the Convergence to continue our shared work – providing support for grassroots organizing, networking, and action on an ongoing basis. We are overjoyed at the prospect of continuing this work!

To ensure we can do this, and meet minimal costs for staff and communications, we are asking everyone to please consider pitching in by donating $10 for the 10 days to Change Course. If you are able to pitch in more, please consider donating $10 for each of the 10 days (or more!)

Thank you for your tireless, inspired work & for bring to life this movement for People, Planet & Peace Over Profit! Now that we’ve got it, let’s keep it going!

Do you appreciate the work of the GCC? Share the reasons you support a continuing  Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit by emailing [email protected], sending us a message on Facebook or Tweeting @earthday2mayday!