March 2017

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LIBERTY TREE: Act in solidarity for people and planet - Earth Day to May Day

This month’s Liberty Tree News focuses on Earth Day to May Day – organizing around 10 days of action taking place April 22 through May 1 this year as well as analysis lifting up the important convergence of labor and environmental activists as we push back against policies detrimental to our survival. You can help make #ED2MD a success this year by sharing actions and events you are participating in, as well as organizing your own demonstrations, marches, talks, direct actions, trainings and more in support of people, planet and peace over profit.

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JACOBIN: No More Saturday Marches

The brilliance of strikes and stoppages like the Day Without Immigrants and the Women’s Strike lies in organizers’ willingness to halt business as usual.

199SEIU: Largest Healthcare Union in the Nation, 1199SEIU, Calls for Clean Energy Jobs Instead of Dirty Fuel Pipelines

As union members, we know that the #1 priority for working Americans is good jobs and economic progress. That is one of the major reasons why we strongly oppose the construction of any dirty fuel pipelines, including Dakota Access and Keystone XL. Oil, coal and gas are relics of the old economy that create few permanent jobs while costing Americans billions of dollars related to health problems from pollution and clean-ups from spills.