THE WORKER INSTITUTE: Reversing Inequality, Combating Climate Change

Originally published at The Worker Institute, June, 2017, by J. Mijin Cha and Lara Skinner.

Labor Leading on Climate 

Featured Report: Reversing Inequality, Combating Climate Change

“New York State can act now to protect New Yorkers from the worst impacts of climate change while also addressing growing economic inequality. An ambitious and audacious climate jobs agenda creates good, high-road jobs for communities across the state and drastically reduces greenhouse gas pollution. By adopting a climate jobs agenda, New York can lead the country and chart the way to a low-carbon, equitable economy.”

Click here to download the newly released report Reversing Inequality, Combatting Climate Change: A Climate Jobs Program for New York State (PDF, 9MB)

For more information about the full report, the initiative or the Labor Leading on Climate Curriculum, please contact Lara Skinner at [email protected] or 212-340-2884.