Climate Strike!

JOIN US in supporting the People’s Climate Strike by endorsing the strike and pledging to support at least one direct action supporting climate democracy and for Earth’s healing.

Make a pledge for action now – because climate justice will not come from the same corporations and governments that brought us climate injustice. It will come from us – the Earth and her people!


A People’s Climate Strike is being planned, with actions currently underway – to bring the engines of economic and ecological destruction to a grinding halt, demonstrate our growing power, and promote community-controlled, just, and green alternatives.

The strike is intended to join workers, youth, immigrant and Indigenous, as well as racial justice, anti-poverty, climate and other activists in support of people, planet and peace over profit. It will take place in cities and villages across the globe in solidarity with the Paris protests against the final UN Climate Summit sell out, and continue on with climate strike action during Earth Day to May Day 2016.

Organizers have been helping lay the groundwork by taking part in the 2015 Mother Earth Day / May Day mobilization, building a People’s Movement Assembly through the US Social Forum and connecting with local organizers through the Global Climate Convergence.

Why Strike?


1) Organizing job actions in cities across at least thirty countries 

2) Using the climate strike to bolster a global movement for democratic control of the political & economic decisions affecting the ecological future of the planet

3) Reviving mass job actions as a tool to affect deep democratic change

4) Work towards a just transition to a new economic system that supports people, planet and peace over profit 

* SHARE your People’s Climate Strike Goals by emailing [email protected] with subject line “Strike Goals

* Full Employment
* 100% Renewable Energy by 2030
* Universal Free Healthcare & Education / Affordable Housing & Moratorium on Foreclosures
* Secure the Global Food Supply – support small farmers, return carbon to soil, no GMO
* Economic Democracy – public banks, workers’ rights, co-operative enterprise, fair trade, erase student & third-world debt
* Demilitarization – cut 50% military spending, foreign policy =  international law, human rights, diplomacy
* End Mass Incarceration & Deportation – immigrant rights = human rights, drug abuse = public health issue
* Political Democracy – people (not corporations) have right to self-government
* Civil Liberties – free speech, privacy rights, right to protest, free Internet, end torture, pardon whistle-blowers
* Rights of Mother Earth / Human Rights – peace, end colonialism, end imperialism
* Local Demands – to be developed & shared with global network

* SHARE your People’s Climate Strike Demands by emailing [email protected] with subject line “Strike Demands

Sample Outreach


* OUTREACH to your network about the People’s Climate Strike by editing the People’s Climate Strike Sample Outreach Email, signing it, & using it as a tool to engage with your network.

Endorsing the Strike


* ENDORSE the People’s Climate Strike by visiting our quick & easy to complete Endorsement Form on the GCC Website.

Sharing Plans


* SHARE your plans for the People’s Climate Strike with the GCC network by uploading images through the GCC Image Uploader.

Creating Organizing Resources


Do you or your organization have resources (articles, videos, webinars, etc.) to educate and inspire action around strike goals and demands?
* EMAIL [email protected] with links to resources, the partner organization providing the resources and an organizational contact.

ReDefining Strike Tactics


* RE-DEFINE “strike” more broadly by sharing news stories and analysis of strike actions to include civil disobedience, boycotts, work stoppages and creative community alternatives (like urban farms and credit unions, solar farms and public utilities, worker and community cooperatives, participatory budgeting, public banks and so much more.) Existing alternatives include hunger strikes, debt strikes, talking strikes and striking against the TPP – new ideas are being discussed & executed daily.