The purpose of the Convergence is to address the interconnected crises of the economy, ecology, peace and democracy, which all have their roots in a system driven by profit.… Supporters of the initiative hope to build a unified movement that can link climate justice to the many other issues of social justice, including economic inequality, the racism of mass incarceration and mass deportations, the sexism of the ongoing attacks on women’s reproductive rights, systemic oppression of LGBTQ people, continual attacks on working people’s living conditions through austerity measures and union-busting, and more.

The Global Climate Convergence released a video today showing leaders from across the spectrum of grassroots justice movements before a packed Workers United auditorium last Saturday, launching a groundbreaking campaign: Earth Day to May Day, 10 Days to Change Course! This is the first project for the Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit, a new education and action initiative helping to multiply, amplify, and build synergy across grassroots justice movements.